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News & Media

Cleveland Foundation tops early donors to arts tax campaign

The Plain Dealer, 7/31/2015: "The Cleveland Foundation, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Playhouse Square Foundation are the three biggest donors to the campaign to renew Cuyahoga County's cigarette tax for the arts..."

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Should the county cigarette tax go to artists and arts organizations or to brick-and-mortar?

The Plain Dealer, 5/26/2015: "Should Cuyahoga County's public funding for the arts go toward buying seats and stage lighting for a community theater, or should it be spent to produce the plays and musicals that will be presented in that theater?"

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Arts PAC says it has raised half of $1.6M budgeted for cigarette tax campaign

The Plain Dealer, 5/25/15: "The political action committee supporting renewal of Cuyahoga County's cigarette tax for the arts has raised roughly half of the contributions and pledges for the $1.6 million campaign it hopes to wage this summer and fall..."

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County council members say arts tax is so good it needs additional revenue sources

The Plain Dealer, 5/12/2015: "County Council members said Tuesday said that they supported renewal of a soon-to-expire cigarette tax for the arts to such an extent that they wanted to find new sources of revenue..."

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Arguments for and against cigarette tax aired before County Council: Cuyahoga Arts Tax Renewal

The Plain Dealer, 4/29/15: "If voters fail to renew a 10-year tax on cigarettes to fund the arts, it would create an immediate price cut that would cause a health crisis in Cuyahoga County. So said arts supporter and philanthropist Fred Bidwell Tuesday at Cuyahoga County Council's first of three readings of a measure to put a renewal referendum on the November ballot..."

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