ACAC 2015 - Support the Renewal of the Arts & Culture Levy (Not a tax increase)
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News & Media

ENDORSEMENT: Vote YES on Issue 8 For Arts & Culture

Cool Cleveland, 10/28/15: "In 2006 a solid majority of Cuyahoga County voters made an historic decision to fund arts & culture with a 1 1/2 cent per cigarette tax. The timing couldn’t have been better. No doubt the subsequent great recession would have decimated..."

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Blog 3: Volunteer!

October 28, 2015

Top 8 Reasons to Become a Volunteer 1) Give Back When you volunteer, you are showing your appreciation for the world-class art, music, and cultural experiences that Cuyahoga... read more

Cigarette tax helps arts achieve twice the attendance of pro sports in Greater Cleveland

October 27, 2015

The Plain Dealer, 10/27/15: "Cuyahoga County voters had few hard facts to go on in 2006 when they approved a 10-year, 30-cents-a-pack tax on cigarettes to support arts and cul... read more

Issue 8 good for local arts, culture scene, leaders say

October 26, 2015

Chagrin Valley Times, 10/26/15: "Local art and cultural institutions that have benefited from a county tax on cigarettes have come out in support of Issue 8, which is up for r... read more

Playhouse Square becomes top donor to Issue 8 campaign: Cuyahoga Arts Tax Renewal

October 23, 2015

The Plain Dealer: 10/23/15: "Playhouse Square has become the single largest donor to the Issue 8 campaign to renew Cuyahoga County's 10-year, 30-cent-a-pack tax on cigarettes,... read more