ACAC 2015 - Support the Renewal of the Arts & Culture Levy (Not a tax increase)
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Issue Info:

About the Levy

We must continue our support and vote YES on Issue 8 on the ballot in November. Arts & Culture drives our economy, improves the educational performance of our children, attracts tourists, residents, and businesses, and is a source of pride for all us. Issue 8 works

Play House Square, Cleveland, Ohio


* All stats and figures below are sourced from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's 2014 Report to the Community

Cuyahoga County’s Arts & Culture assets have brought worldwide recognition and economic strength to our community for more than a century. 

To protect this sector, in 2006, voters decided to provide public support for our Arts & Culture through a penny-and-a-half tax per cigarette. The proceeds from the levy have renewed, strengthened, and energized our key regional assets.

The original levy expires in January 2017. Cuyahoga County’s Arts & Culture organizations cannot afford to lose this critical support.

Voting YES on Issue 8 would not increase taxes or prices for anyone – it would be a simple renewal of the same tax rate for another 10 years.

The Arts & Culture levy has made Cuyahoga County one of the top public funders of Arts & Culture in the country and has been one of the most successful initiatives in our community's history. Consider the following: 

  • More than $125 million invested into our Arts & Culture sector, including grants for operating and project support for museums and cultural institutions, small community theaters, non-profit galleries, nature centers, and many more. 
  • Over 1,200 grants to more than 300 arts, cultural, educational, and community organizations and 2,300 programs in unique locations across Cuyahoga County. 
  • 1.4 million+ annual educational experiences for kids, including more than 18,000 annual fieldtrips. 

Without action, the original Arts & Culture levy is set to expire soon, putting our Arts & Culture assets at risk.  

Instead, we can vote YES on Issue 8 this November. Issue 8 won’t raise taxes or increase prices; it will just continue the current tax on cigarettes, and continue providing critical support for the Arts & Culture sector for another 10 years.   

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OhioCleveland Orchestra

A deeper look at how Issue 8 can benefit our community:

Supporting and Stimulating the Economy

Our Arts & Culture sector is a crucial component of Cleveland’s resurgent economy, responsible for thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars in direct annual economic activity, and attracts millions of tourists and visitors to our region.

In 2013 alone, levy-funded organizations were responsible for $342,955,828 in direct expenditures, including $149,616,298 in salaries. 

Our Arts & Culture also strengthens and energizes our neighborhoods, and retains and attracts new and creative residents to our region who help keep and grow local businesses. 

More than 120 local artists have benefited from grants made possible by public funding, in addition to the funding provided to organizations of all sizes, in nearly every community in Cuyahoga County.  

Enhancing Education

Arts & Culture enhances the educational experiences and improves educational performance throughout Cuyahoga County. In 2013, organizations receiving public funds provided 1.4 million experiences for children, including:

  • 21,411 classes and workshops
  • 18,881 fieldtrips 
  • 678 internships and apprenticeships

Students who participate in Arts & Culture demonstrate improved math and reading skills, perform higher on standardized tests, stay in school longer, and graduate at higher rates. 

And it’s not just youth; in 2013, 418,833 adult residents attended classes and workshops. 

A Source of Pride and a World-Class Image

The organizations and projects funded by Issue 8 enrich our lives and strengthen communities and neighborhoods in every corner of Cuyahoga County, touching millions of lives every year.  

Cuyahoga County’s Arts & Culture sector is a primary factor in Cleveland’s world-class image and reputation, and is a source of immense pride for residents.

In 2013 alone, Arts & Culture organizations served 5,939,681 residents and visitors. Nearly 50% of admissions were FREE. More than 22,000 people volunteered their time to Arts & Culture activities.

Cuyahoga County’s Arts & Culture sector helps to enrich education, stimulates our economy, strengthens our neighborhoods and contributes to our world-class image.  

MOCA Cleveland